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Sustainability at TP Nitra

Our Approach to Ecology

Higher consumption of resources and energy, in any form, increases costs, as well as the environmental burden. Understanding this constantly forces us to look for new solutions to reduce consumption of both. In order to keep water and energy consumption, as well as volumes of waste and CO2 emissions linked to our daily operation, at the desired, low level, we have committed ourselves to invest in modern technical equipment, and innovations that contribute to environmental protection. Minimising negative effects on the environment at TP Nitra is thus achieved not only by an alternative use and recycling of waste, but also by systematic modernisation, and the improvement of operational processes.

Energy Efficiency

Although the provision of logistics services is not an energy-intensive business activity, we carefully monitor and manage natural gas and electricity consumption, in an attempt to improve our energy efficiency, even in the areas not directly linked to our primary activity. Energy reduction measures that we have taken, so far, include installing modern lighting based on energy efficient technology; using efficient cooling and air-conditioning equipment; and mounting fast automatic gates which minimise exchange of cool and warm air, and consequent energy loss.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) created by electricity consumption and fuel combustion during transportation is the most significant greenhouse gas emission associated with logistics activities. Our focus on energy efficiency in our facilities, as well as the gradual tightening of ecological criteria for our freight transport providers in terms of quality of their vehicle fleets, by favouring trucks meeting the EUR 4 and EUR 5 transport standards, is our way of achieving positive results in the form of reduced volume of CO2 emissions.



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